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Team SCR first Weekend of Racing in 2019

The teams first race this year was at the Saskatoon Kart Racers Club race #1.  The day was a bit chilly with sun and clouds.  This did not stop Team SCR from performing right our of the box.

In Junior 1 Briggs had Heidi McCumber and Adilyn Campbell.  Both girls were racing in their very first race ever.  They did amazing and Heidi even had the second fastest lap of the class.  Heidi ended the final in 3rd even after 3 sins in the race and Adilyn following in her dads footstep started out the year with a 5th place finish.  We really are looking forward to see how the girls advance through the year.

In Mini Max Wyatt Mitchell from Manitoba made the trek out to get some valuable track time before the WCKC race in Chiliwack in two weeks.  He topped the charts and earned the win on the day.

The Briggs Sr classes had Jason McCumber doing what he always does and walk away from the Briggs Masters drivers for a 1st.  He even mixed it up with the top Briggs Light drivers all day long.  Oliver O’Reilly had some struugles in the Briggs Light class but is working on trying to work out the issues and will be back next weekend to show he has the pace to run up front. Monty Reimer showed he also had the pace to hit the podium in 3rd in Briggs Masters.

DD2 is back in SKR!!!! Jason McCumber, Oliver O’Reilly  and Monty Reimer all pulled double duty at the race.  Jason in DD2 Masters and Oliver in DD2.  Both drivers were looking for some extra track time and testing on the new MOJO D5 tires before the WCKC event in Chilliwack.  Both did not disappoint and Jason was hot on the heal of the winner of the DD2 class for the DD2 Master win and Oliver in his first ever DD2 race came home in 2nd place. Monty Reimer also in his firs ever DD2 Master race came home in 2nd.

Team SCR would like to congratulate all the drivers for their hard work and we look forward to seeing more podium finishes all year long.

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